You are broke because you choose to be.
Friday, 31 August 2012 13:11

Happy Long Weekend.  Enjoy yourself to the fullest.

While this may seem harsh, the reality is that it is the truth. This message is for the average person who is capable of working and functioning on an independent basis. It is not for the marginalized or the disfranchised who are doing the best they can with the little they have. It is our responsibility as capable adults to not only provide for ourselves, but to help those who are not as fortunate.

That said – if you are broke – you have to ask yourself why? Are you spending more than you make? If so, that pretty well guarantees that you are broke. Every day you have new choices to make. How will you earn money and how will you spend money? The condition of your financial life is a direct result of those two choices.

This past weekend at a wedding BBQ, I had a very rewarding conversation with a young man who came over and introduced himself. He thanked me for the book “Financial Fitness for Beginners”. He explained that he is now making good money and if it wasn’t for reading the book he would have spent this new income on toys. Both he and his girlfriend read the book and they are going through it again doing each of the weekly exercises. This young man said “the math doesn’t lie” and they are thrilled to be paying attention to where their money goes and watching their net worth grow. They are also deservingly proud of the investments they have made in themselves and their future.

Rather than buy the toys, they are saving towards their first investment real estate purchase. In other words, delaying the immediate gratification for a bigger pay off down the road. It was heart-warming to hear this news and very encouraging hearing yet another success story.

The 12-week Financial Fitness for Beginners program is very simple and easy to follow and it does work. It compares to the adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It is very simple to eat an apple a day – but unfortunately, it is even easier to NOT eat one. If you read and follow the program, you will achieve financial peace of mind and be in control of your finances. Do yourself a big favour and every day do something that takes you closer to your financial goals. If that means saying no to a purchase you can’t afford or saying yes to a part-time business – do what you know is the right decision for you. Say no to being broke!


P.S. Next week’s blog will be coming to you from Fiji as we set sail again for another cruising season.